Civil protection for inclusive recovery


Monday, May 13

4:00p - 5:30p

Room 4

The session aims to showcase how civil protection can be an impressive engine for inclusive recovery, through the implementation of the successive phases of disaster risk management.

The expected outcomes are:
- Clarification of the place of civil protection across the different phases of disaster risk reduction
- Better understanding of the truthful relationship between the level of inclusion of all stakeholders and successful phases of disaster management, better description of the roles and responsibilities of civil protection actors for inclusive recovery (governments, private sector, civil society, communities, etc.)
- Identification of good practices of inclusive civil protection systems revealed by the global study on civil protection
- Dissemination of the lessons learned that could inform civil protection activities for better inclusive preparedness, response and recovery/reconstruction.

The GFDRR Global Report of the civil protection study will be launched at this session and disseminated to participants.

Download the concept note