BBB in infrastructure: making it stronger and accessible to everyone


Monday, May 13


Room 1

The session brings together high-level representatives from the national governments in the ECIS Region, representative of different international initiatives and NGOs working on BBB issues and development partners.

The distinguished panel of experts will deliberate on the options for practical application and success factors in the application of the principles of BBB, looking not only at safer and stronger reconstruction of infrastructure and physical assets, but also, addressing people’s social and human impact of the disaster and how to take recovery as an opportunity to improve their quality of lives and prospects in the future.

Government officials will deliberate on how institutional and legal arrangements, policies and systems in place agreed in an ex-ante approach, could facilitate the management of infrastructure recovery and the application of BBB principles.

The discussion will highlight best practices and lessons learnt from the recovery processes in Armenia and Serbia.

Authors of recent research such as the ‘BBB: Achieving resilience through stronger, faster and more inclusive post disaster reconstruction’, and the ‘Suffering of the rural poor following large earthquakes’, the International Coalition for Resilient Infrastructure and the work done by NGOs on the ground will add to the need for cooperation and coordination in building back better. 

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