Fostering Social Inclusion through Culture in City Reconstruction and Recovery


Monday, May 13

4:00p - 5:30p

Room 18

The session will bring high level representatives from the World Bank and UNESCO together with Japanese and client country experts in cultural heritage, to present and discuss the role of Culture as an engine for social inclusion in post-crisis recovery processes.

An initial presentation of the CURE Framework will be followed by a dialogue about the opportunities to include culture in reconstruction and recovery to foster social inclusion in post-crisis situations.

The expected outcomes of this session are to present options for development practitioners, national and local authorities, planners, and international organizations to integrate culture, both as an asset and as a tool, in all phases of recovery projects, to showcase good practices in social inclusion for reconstruction and recovery and to allow for enhanced understanding of the value of culture in strengthening resilience, ensuring social inclusion, and facilitating recovery.

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