Closing Plenary: Inclusion as a Right for All


Tuesday, May 14

4:00p - 5:00p

Room 2

The closing plenary will have two-fold objectives:

(1)  to arrive at a globally-shared and comprehensive view of various forms of inclusion (or exclusion) that need to be addressed and integrate these insights into a rights-based framework

(2) to provide guidance and outline actions to make sure the focus on execution and implementation of a rights-based global compact is translated into initiatives at the local, national, regional and global levels.

The session will identify approaches enabling the realization of a rights-based paradigm and guide inclusive recovery systems in order to:

(1)  Ensure the full and meaningful participation of all groups and individuals in identifying and reducing risk

(2) Provide institutional guarantee that those at risk of being excluded are included in the recovery process

(3) Appreciate and respond to their diverse characteristics, capacities and vulnerabilities

(4) Contribute to resilience for everyone by removing barriers that keep excluded people out of the planning and decision making process and transforming existing power relations.

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