How Can Disaggregated Data Support Inclusion?


Tuesday, May 14

2:00p - 3:30p

Room 18

Bringing together government officials, technical experts from international organisations, NGOs and private sector as well as disaster-affected populations, the session intends to give participants a greater understanding of the role of disaggregated data in responding to and improving recovery and reconstruction efforts and using the experience, capacity and knowledge of marginalized groups meaningfully in response and recovery processes.

This session intends to come up with recommendations to promote the inclusion and leadership of marginalized groups in disaster preparedness, response, recovery and reconstruction initiatives through the promotion of the collection, analysis and usage of disaggregated data- and in turn to advocate for an expanded emphasis on improving data systems and disaggregation in high risk, crisis and recovery settings.

The recommendation will include the introduction of tools that help facilitate disaggregated data collection for field practitioners.

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