Facilitating Recovery and Inclusion through Satellite Earth Observation


Monday, May 13


Room 3

Despite being an impressive tool for recovery, accessing and transforming satellite earth observation data into relevant information is challenging, and applying it to guarantee increased inclusion in the recovery process, is yet another challenge.

Experiences in applying EO satellites to recovery issues offer a number of lessons learned, and permit the identification of challenges to be addressed as we go forward. The benefit to recovery from use of satellite EO is present at multiple levels, whether only a small amount of data is used, or whether a significant effort is made to integrate satellite data into the full recovery process. The use of satellite observations for disaster risk reduction, preparedness and early warning is a critical link to identify priority actions for response and recovery.

The session will have three objectives:

1. Increasing awareness on how satellite imagery has been used in the past to scale up inclusion in the recovery process

2. Advocating for the use of satellite EO to ensure inclusive recovery efforts

3. Discuss how the use of technology can be improved to support the recovery planning and monitoring

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