March 1, 2021

GWE Forum Webinar 4: The Future Promise of Global Weather Information

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This webinar was delivered on 22 April 2021 by Dr. Florence Rabier, Director-General of European Centre for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts (ECMWF).

The societal need for better weather forecasts and climate projections is huge. The accuracy and reliability of weather and climate information have improved by: new and better observations, more powerful computers, and new science and technology. The Global Weather Enterprise continuously pushes the boundaries to unlock socio-economic benefits through the delivery of meteorological and climate services.

The presenter outlined her vision for future scientific advances, increased observational coverage, specific benefits for people, and taking co-operation to the next level.

November 20, 2020

GWE Forum Webinar 2: Unlocking the Benefits of Open Weather Data

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The webinar explored the issues surrounding open data in the context of weather and climate data and services. New government-level policies, such as the European Union Open Data Directive, are likely to have a significant impact on the delivery of meteorological and climate services. There is the potential for unlocking significant socio-economic benefits from the application of such policies.


In his presentation, Prof. Dr. Gerhard Adrian addressed the implications of open data policies from his perspective as the President of DWD.

The webinar was introduced by Sameh Wahba, the Global Director for the World Bank’s Urban, Disaster Risk Management, Resilience and Land Global Practice.