April 2, 2021

GWE Online Forum 2: Increasing the socio-economic benefits of weather & climate services through public-private-academic collaboration & partnership

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A significant challenge faced by NMHSs in developing countries is a lack of sufficient government support required to fulfill its public functions, improve and sustain weather and climate services at a level which optimizes the accuracy, timeliness and reliability of forecasts and warnings, and ultimately, optimizes their value and socio-economic impact to the country.  

January 8, 2021

GWE Online Forum 1: Legislative Frameworks that Enable Public-Private Engagement

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See participants’ discussion (chat digest)  here >>

This Online Forum took place on 21 January 2021 and explores the national legal frameworks that define and establish the roles and responsibilities of each stakeholder in the global weather enterprise in their respective territories. These frameworks stress the importance of all elements of the value chain in the weather, water and climate nexus.