Global Weather Enterprise Forum

Weather impacts people every day and weather information enables them to get out of harm’s way. As the global population rises and the climate changes, people are increasingly affected by the weather and hazards such as typhoons, windstorms, and associated flooding that are commonplace in the worldwide news. This represents a huge challenge to weather science, technology, and practice to produce ever more accurate, reliable, and accessible weather information. The Global Weather Enterprise Forum has been created to help meet this challenge.

The Global Weather Enterprise is the value chain of activities of the public, private and academic sectors providing accurate, reliable, and timely weather and climate-related information. The Global Weather Enterprise Forum (GWE Forum) is an open dialogue across the global weather enterprise community generating new ideas to improve the delivery and sustainability of weather, climate, and water services.


The success of the initial phase of the GWE Forum since its creation in 2018, and developments associated with the WMO Congress in June 2019, have led to a significant evolution and development of the global weather enterprise. Engagement, openness, and dialogue continue to be the key touchstones of the Forum.

Ways of working

The GWE Forum focuses on facilitating open dialogue and collective deliberation on key issues in improving the delivery of weather, climate, and water information and services that are essential for the resilient development of national economies. Regular eNewsletters, discussion facilities, and series of events for knowledge exchange will provide a platform to share ideas and to propose collaborative activities, such as a field test of various concepts for capacity development. The operation of the Forum is advised by a Coordination Group, which is drawn from experienced members of the global weather enterprise, and in turn, is supported by a small team from the World Bank’s Global Facility for Disaster Reduction and Recovery GFDRR.



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