May 4, 2023

Sustainable Observation Networks in Developing Countries

Hosted by David Rogers, Lead Meteorological Consultant, World Bank Group and Former Chief Executive, UK Met Office it features all the authors of the report - Brian Day, Chair Emeritus, Association of the Hydro-Meteorological Industry and Vice-President Campbell Scientific; David Grimes, Former WMO President and Former Head, Meteorological Service of Canada; Andreas Schumann, Senior-Professor at Ruhr-University Bochum; and Vladimir Tsirkunov, Head, GFDRR Hydromet Program, World Bank Group. The World Bank has invested over US$1.5 billion in hydrological and meteorological modernization projects over the last two decades. While social and economic benefits are realised, there is growing evidence that the observing systems component of these investments is a weak link that often fails prematurely. New guidance on how to build and sustain this critical infrastructure is needed. 

This videopodcast has been produced to complement and expand on the World Bank-GFDRR publication: 'Charting a Course for Sustainable Hydrological & Meteorological Networks in Developing Countries’.