Photo by Sudipto Das

The Post-Disaster Needs Assessments (PDNAs) conducted under the leadership of affected country governments are the most important tasks of the Standby Recovery Financing Facility (SRFF). The flagship products of SRFF are the reports that these assessments generate. These are reports of the respective governments prepared with the assistance of GFDRR and the international community at large. They are increasingly being used by governments and the international development community to base the recovery and reconstruction plans and programs upon. They are also as the base document for discussions to determine international development assistance in cases requiring external assistance including leveraging of targetted or additional assistance from the World Bank and other traditional donors.

Assessments carried out so far have been complied below along with a comprehensive summary of the report in form of 'PDNA at a Glance' and other supporting information: 

 Countries PDNA Year Type of Disaster
Zimbabwe 2019 Cyclone
Lao PDR 2019 Floods
Tonga 2018 Cyclone
Djibouti (in French) 2018 Cyclone
Vietnam 2018 Typhoon
Vietnam (Vietnamese Version) 2018 Typhoon
Sri Lanka 2018 Landslides and Floods
Somalia 2018 Drought
Dominica 2018 Hurricane
Sri Lanka 2017 Landslides and Floods
Sierra Leone 2017 Landslides and Floods
Saint Vincent and the Grenadines 2016 Flood
Vietnam 2016 Flood
Seychelles 2016 Cyclone
Fiji 2016 Cyclone
Myanmar 2015 Flood
Georgia 2015 Flood
Nepal 2015 Earthquake
Vanuatu 2015 Cyclone
Malawi 2015 Flood
Cabo Verde (Portuguese Version) 2014-2015 Volcanic Eruption
St. Vincent and the Grenadines 2014 Flood
Bosnia and Herzegovena 2014 Flood
Burundi (in French) 2014 Cyclone
Solomon Islands 2014 Cyclone
Burundi (in French) 2014 Cyclone
Seychelles 2013 Cyclone
Nigeria 2013 Flood
Fiji 2013 Cyclone
Samoa 2012 Cyclone
Malawi 2012 Flood
Bhutan 2011 Earthquake
Pakistan 2011 Flood
Thailand 2011 Flood
Djibouti 2011 Drought
Kenya 2011 Drought
Lao PDR 2011 Typhoon
Lesotho 2011 Flood
Uganda 2010-11 Drought
Benin 2010 Flood
Guatemala 2010 Tropical Storm
Togo 2010 Flood
Pakistan 2010 Flood
Moldova 2010 Flood
Haiti 2010 Earthquake
El Salvador 2010 Tropical Storm
Cambodia 2009 Cyclone
Lao PDR 2009 Cyclone
Indonesiaat a glance 2009 Earthquake
Samoa 2009 Tsunami
Philippines 2009 Cyclone
Bhutan 2009 Earthquake
Burkina Faso (in French) | at a glance 2009 Flood
Senegal 2009 Flood
Central African Republic 2009 Flood
Namibia 2009 Flood
Yemen 2008 Tropical Storm
Haiti 2008 Hurricane
India 2008 Flood
Myanmar 2008 Cyclone
Bolivia 2008 Flood
Madagascar 2008 Cyclone
Bangladesh 2007 Cyclone