Amid multiple crises — the Russian invasion of Ukraine, COVID-19, surging inflation, and reversals in development — the climate crisis has intensified, with serious consequences for the poorest and most vulnerable. COP27 saw heated discussions around losses and damages, but also placed a sense of urgency on building resilience through climate adaptation agendas such as nature-based solutions, resilient infrastructure, and urban resilience. As a global partnership situated within the World Bank, GFDRR has always been at the forefront of climate action, supporting innovation and actions to help vulnerable nations improve resilience and reduce risk.

Today, GFDRR is in a stronger position than ever to have a bigger impact. As an innovator in the area of disaster risk management and climate change adaptation, GFDRR has provided analytical and technical support to communities, countries and partners, helping them identify, define, and implement policies and investments that enable them to improve climate and disaster risk management in the context of their development priorities. Beyond bringing resilience to scale, GFDRR is also creating global public goods for climate action. Building on its wealth of expertise and together with our partners, GFDRR is channeling climate and disaster risk reduction financing to where it’s needed most.

GFDRR Partnership Days is meant to showcase the impact the facility’s activities are creating on the ground in building resilience to natural hazards. Through the event we hope to:

  • share lessons and experiences between decision-makers and practitioners on the challenges and opportunities to enhance resilience and risk governance from community to national level;
  • enhance understanding and increased knowledge on how to build inclusive resilience and promote risk governance for improved policies, planning and practice;
  • strengthen strategic alliances and partnerships on reinforcing local capacity to build climate and disaster resilience;
  • showcase how GFDRR strategically provides a technical assistance and financing where there is likely to have the most impact;
  • showcase how GFDRR’s technical assistance is influencing and informing policy dialogues on building resilience.



A glimpse of the most notable moments of the two-day event.

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An overview of the GFDRR 2023 Partnership Days.

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An overview of GFDRR 2023 Partnership Days speakers and presenters.

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Virtual Reality Experience and Photo Exhibit

An immersive virtual reality experience and a photo exhibit highlighting DRM successes.

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