About the R2 Program

Africa is at a critical juncture—the continent has made increasing economic growth and social development in the last two decades. However, disaster risks and climate hazards threaten to derail and even reverse these gains.

R2 EmblemTo reduce disaster risks, African Regional Economic Communities (RECs)—made up of member state governments—coordinate, strategize, and offer advice on policies to build the capacities of governments to manage and mitigate disasters.

The “Building Disaster Resilience in sub-Saharan Africa” program, also known as "Result 2" or R2, targets strengthening and accelerating the implementation of comprehensive disaster reduction frameworks developed and implemented by each region.

Result 2 provides targeted support to African Regional Economic Communities and strengthens government capacities to improve and implement the regional disaster risk reduction framework. These frameworks inform and support each government to make informed decisions that build resilience against disasters, protect investments, and save the lives and property of African communities.

Activities under Result 2 align with the strategic approach articulated by African Union Commission’s Plan of Action and priority two of the Sendai Framework—Strengthening disaster risk governance to manage disaster risk.

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Implementing Agencies

The four participating regional economic communities are:

These partners work with civil society, universities and research centers, the private sector and communities to improve resilience and effectively manage disaster risks for the benefit of all.

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