CONFIRMED FOR OCTOBER 6th (or 13th if there is an alert on the 6th)​

A 60 mins Zoom conversation with the Hunters team that flies into the big hurricanes Kids will meet a pilot (responsible for flying the aircraft), a flight director (meteorologist on board who coordinates science requests and monitors weather to keep aircraft safe), and an engineer/technician (who sends out the expendable instruments to collect data).

Topics To empower kids in schools in Caribbean countries to learn about hurricanes in a new way, they will learn about the experience of getting into a hurricane to improve monitoring and preparedness.

Preparation in the classroom Teachers can use this material and videos so that kids can prepare their questions for the live conversation. Info about the Hunters, Videos of the journeys, info about hurricanes and preparedness.

November: Connecting students with astronauts in Space to learn about disasters

The conversation is confirmed for the week of NOV 21-27 (exact day to be confirmed the previous week).

Kids in schools from 26 countries will have the opportunity to learn about hurricane research and monitoring, as seen by the unique perspective of an astronaut in the International Space Station (ISS).

The transmission will be open for all students. A YouTube link will be sent the previous week.

The 30 minutes session will start with introductory videos to the International Space Station and the Disaster Fighters campaign, followed by a 10 minutes conversation with the astronaut. The event will be in English.

Preparation in the classroom Teachers can use this material and videos so that kids can prepare for the event and learn about the International Space Station, hurricanes, weather instruments and for those selected prepare their questions to the astronaut for the live conversation.

Watch a video reference of a previous conversation in Galapagos and also the full 33 minute live transmission.

To confirm your school’s participation please contact