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As climate patterns become more unpredictable in the region, harnessing new technologies will be vital to ensuring the safety and sustainability of communities within the Balkans.

In partnership with the Armenian government, GFDRR and the World Bank are leveraging risk information to protect the country's hard-won development gains.

Determined to become financially resilient to natural hazards, Central Asian countries are adopting innovative disaster risk financing mechanisms, with the support of GFDRR and the World Bank.


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Port Vila, Vanuatu
URf Pacific will bring together policy-makers, financial risk managers, and development partners to strengthen regional collaboration on climate and disaster risk finance, to share lessons on communicating risk to technical and policy audiences, and to offer learning opportunities across five core themes that are integral to financial resilience.
Belgrade, Serbia
The vision of the conference is to help further the understanding of risk by supporting a network of experts and practitioners that share knowledge and experience, and discuss best practices and innovative approaches in assessing risk and communicating risk information.


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A Climate Change Virtual Reality Experience Goes Home: ‘Our Home, Our People’ Returns to Fiji

'Our Home, Our People,' a virtual reality project which tells the human stories behind the GFDRR-supported Fiji Climate Vulnerability Assessment, returns to the communities involved in the film.

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August 23, 2018
Eurasian Perspectives
Ashna Mathema, Alanna Simpson
In some parts of Europe and Central Asia, an imminent concern is the seismic threat faced by certain housing typologies that are believed to have outlived their design lifespan, and suffer from ser
August 23, 2018
Vivien Deparday, Lorenzo Piccio
Through a combination of open street mapping, drones, and modeling, Nigeriens are taking the lead in building Niamey’s preparedness for the next flood. 
August 14, 2018
End Poverty in South Asia
Debashish Paul Shuvra, Md. Ahasanul Hoque, Mohammed Abu Hamid
Geospatial data sharing is helping schools and other infrastructure across Bangladesh mitigate and respond to the risks of natural hazards.
August 2, 2018
Sustainable Cities
Barbara Minguez Garcia, Lorenzo Piccio
Despite the growing recognition that cultural heritage is fundamental to urban resilience, much more needs to be done to put it front and center in the disaster risk management agenda.
July 23, 2018
Sustainable Cities
Charlotte McClain-Nhlapo , Deepti Samant Raja, Lorenzo Piccio
In advance of the Global Disability Summit, here are five actions that development institutions, governments, and other key stakeholders can take to ensure that persons with disabilities are not le
July 19, 2018
East Asia & Pacific on the rise
Naraya Carrasco, Lorenzo Piccio
In an effort to adapt the country’s development strategy to climate and disaster risk, the government of Fiji has pioneered a first-of-its-kind climate vulnerability assessment.
July 3, 2018
Opportunities for All
Keren Charles, Lorenzo Piccio
Determined to build back better and become the world’s first climate-resilient nation, the Government of Dominica, in partnership with the World Bank, has set in motion a resilient recovery plan.
June 29, 2018
Opportunities for All
Melanie Kappes
As demonstrated in Saint Lucia, hydromet stations need proper and regular maintenance to function – as a matter of safety and cost-effectiveness.
June 28, 2018
Sustainable Cities
Thomas Lennartz, Joe Leitmann, Lorenzo Piccio
Even as people in fragile, conflict and violence-affected countries struggle to cope with the growing dangers from natural disasters, the international donor community has been slow to respond.
June 25, 2018
The World Meteorological Organization's HydroHub is looking for innovative solutions in operational hydrology. Apply to the Innovation Call by 20 August to make a difference on the ground!