Geographical location, climate and orography of Cabo Verde brings unique experience opportunities for tourists such as landscapes, mountains and its tempered/tropical climate. These natural conditions also brings challenges to the Government to offer and sustain high/reliable service levels given limitations in resources and dependency in external markets. To build a resilient Cabo Verde and offer its residents with an enabling business environment and high levels of well-being, a comprehensive logistics supply chain assessment was performed to support authorities to better understand and design coherent strategies to adapt should disaster events occur. To this end, the combination of a natural hazards modelling along with the flows of goods across Cabo Verde’s ports and airports has proven adequate to strategically inform the Government on its critical logistics nodes/links. Finally, a serious board game simulation was developed to present government authorities, business stakeholders and civil society with a platform to emulate the complexity in investment decision-making to promote resilience in ports and airports in Cabo Verde.