One of the lessons from the COVID-19 pandemic is the need to understand the vulnerability of individuals, communities and societies in order to have reliable, targeted guidance and early warnings. Meteorology and hydrology are making good progress in this direction, so what can we learn from those experiences? As part of our Building Resilience during COVID-19 speaker series, on June 23, 2020, we hosted a virtual discussion on the prospects for applying Multi-Hazard Impact-based Early Warning Systems (MHIEWS) to pandemics, drawing on insights about what works well when communicating information about risk.

Featuring: Julie Dana, Practice Manager and Head of GFDRR Dr. David Rogers, Lead Meteorological Consultant, GFDRR Catalina Jaime, Senior Risk Adviser, Red Cross Red Crescent Climate Centre Madeleine Thomson, Interim Head, Our Planet, Our Health, Senior Science Lead, Climate Change and Health, Wellcome Trust Dr. Will Lang, Head of Civil Contingencies Services, UK Met Office

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