Understanding of disaster and climate risk in the public and private sectors is hampered by common challenges of data interoperability and availability. Though increasing amounts of risk data are being generated, data sharing is limited, and formats are inconsistent. The result is significant friction in data exchange and improving risk understanding. The Risk Data Library and Open Data Standards initiatives have been developing open data standards to provide the risk modelling community with tools to create consistent and interoperable datasets. This will improve the efficiency and transparency of risk assessment and enhance disaster risk practitioners’ access to risk information. The objective of this workshop is to bring together experts to strengthen the commitment to open risk data standards in the private and public sectors, to analyse areas of synergy between (Re)Insurance and developing country needs, and to develop a collaborative roadmap for improving risk data standards for open climate and disaster risk analysis improving efficiency for all Discussion topics will include i) standards for hazard data, ii) standards for vulnerability data with the need to better support socio-economic vulnerability, iii) standards for infrastructure, and iv) support of disaster risk finance and insurance capabilities.