World Reconstruction Conference (WRC) Proceedings 2011

World Reconstruction Conference I Proceedings
May 2011

These proceedings cover the inaugural World Reconstruction Conference, which took place in Geneva in May of 2011. The presented papers introduce the substantive background information for the various thematic sessions.

This includes:

High-Level Policy Panel: A High-Level Policy Panel set the stage for the conference with key challenges of reconstruction being debated with a selected group of prominent thought leaders from government, international organizations, media, academia, and civil society.

Innovation Competition: The WRC hosted an Innovation Forum that showcased 71 entries from 32 countries submitted as a part of its 2011 Innovation Competition. In addition, the conference featured presentations by the top 3 winners.

Thematic Sessions: The thematic sessions discussed critical issues concerning Vulnerable Groups, Livelihoods and Local Economy, Urban Housing, Environment, Health and Education, Water and Sanitation, Risk Financing, Needs Assessments, Monitoring and Evaluation, Institutional Arrangements, IT Innovations, Fragile States, and Large-Scale Reconstruction.