Understanding Risk Europe Proceedings

Innovate for Resilience
Understanding Risk Europe: Innovate for Resilience, the Proceedings from the 2019 UR Europe Conference
April 2020

This report highlights key knowledge and experience shared during the Understanding Risk Europe Conference, which took place in Bucharest, Romania, between November 27 and 29, 2019.

In addition to a general conference overview, this report provides briefs on the following technical sessions:

  • Assessing and addressing the fiscal and economic impacts of natural disasters: Recent experiences and innovations in country financial resilience
  • Managing earthquake risk at a national scale: From strategic planning to on-the-ground actions
  • Leveraging regional systems to improve national forecasting and early warning of weather-related hazards
  • Community engagement, raising awareness, and driving action
  • Challenges and opportunities for assessing flood risks
  • Private sector and business continuity: Preparing for and managing disasters
  • Determining disaster and climate impacts on the poorest and most vulnerable, and optimizing solutions for resilience
  • Scaling up safer and higher-quality learning environments
  • Building urban resilience: Integrating climate and disaster risks into urban development
  • Critical infrastructure risks and why investing in resilience makes financial sense
  • Innovations in geospatial data collection and analytics: Shaping the future of understanding the built environment
  • Assessing and managing risk to cultural heritage: Preserving the past for the future
  • Assessing and managing the threat of emerging risks (cyber threats, pandemics, extreme heat)
  • An urgent matter in our homes: Tackling challenges of earthquake risk reduction in the housing sector