This Technical Deep Dive (TDD), held in April 2017 in Tokyo and Kyoto, brought together officials from nine developing countries, along with World Bank project teams and key Japanese and international experts.

The TDD aimed to inform countries’ investments by bringing together experts and practitioners from both disaster risk management (DRM) and cultural heritage and tourism (CHT) disciplines, and focused primarily on finding solutions to key concerns identified by participants.

This summary walks us through the TDD, which covered the following topics, followed by some key takeaways.

  1. Fundamentals of disaster risk management for cultural heritage
  2. Management of cultural heritage sites: from preparedness to post-disaster recovery
  3. Earthquakes and associated secondary hazards as they relate to traditional buildings
  4. Hydrometeorological hazards, including storms and flooding
  5. Engaging communities to preserve cultural heritage
  6. Connecting to tourism: promotion and protection of cultural heritage