In 2021, the World Bank engaged Prepared International (PPI) to support Serbia’s disaster risk management development by providing an assessment of current national emergency preparedness and response (EP&R) capacities. In response, country-specific assessments of EP&R capacity in Serbia were generated based on the Ready2Respond (R2R) diagnostic methodology.

Based on these findings, PPI identified priority EP&R investments at national level. This report presents the assessment of Serbia’s EP&R capacities.

The objective of the assessment is to support Serbia’s National DRM Program by providing an analysis of the country’s EP&R capacity and to identify priority investments at the country level.

This report provides a summary of the EP&R capacities per component, as assessed by PPI in October 2021. The full assessment report, structured in accordance with the R2R methodology, can be found in annex 1.

The report also identifies and makes recommendations about key investments that the World Bank and other stakeholders can consider as they seek to strengthen EP&R capacities in Serbia.