This project, ‘Institutional Capacity Review and Target Setting for road geohazards Management’ aims at assessing the current capability of various key institutional actors, but primarily the Sierra Leone Roads Authority, in Sierra Leone’s roads and transport sector, with the intent of evaluating their capability to formulate and implement policies and plans in the area of road geohazards management. Financed by the Global Facility for Disaster Reduction and Recovery (GFDRR) through the World Bank, the project also involves a physical assessment of potential risk sites along a number of major road corridors in the capital, Freetown, primarily through observation of both naturally occurring and human-generated activities and events around these sites. The findings of the assessment are used to offer a set of recommendations to the above-mentioned institutions for improving the mitigation effectiveness of their policies, plans and initiatives. The project evaluates both institutional and technical capacity, as well as examine climate change-related issues such as landslides and flooding that are negatively impacting the urban transport infrastructure.