In 2020-2021 Curaçao suffered an extended hiatus in tourism and disruption to its economy caused by the COVID-19 lockdown. Nearly two-thirds of Curaçao’s households reported a drop in income during the pandemic closures. Yet unlike many of their Caribbean neighbors, few Curaçaoans faced significant hardship finding enough food, with only 2 percent reporting going a full day without a meal during this period. The population was protected principally because of economic assistance received from the Kingdom of the Netherlands. That safety net intervention cannot of course, be guaranteed in the event of a future food crisis. Considering that, the government of Curaçao has decided to re-examine its food security policies and vulnerabilities as an island economy that is nearly entirely dependent on imports to feed its population. This assessment reviews the four fundamental elements of food security as a framework of analysis, namely, the availability, access, utilization, and stability of the food supply to continually meet the nutritional needs of the entire population.