This technical report presents the findings of a coastal hazard assessment for the two islands of Ebeye and Majuro, which host the two largest population centers in the Marshall Islands. It analyzes the following hazards: waves, storm surges, typhoons, and tsunamis.

The hazard assessment evaluates the direct impacts (inundation and coastal erosion) specifically for the island of Ebeye, carried out for different return periods and expected climate change scenarios and sea level rise. It is then used as a basis to carry out the coastal risk assessment, where information on hazards is combined with information on exposure and vulnerability.

The output from the risk assessment allows the determination of weak spots where adaptation measures may be required at present or in future an for which a conceptual design and cost-estimate is presented.

The developed method is used to test the effectiveness of each of these measures, outlining an effective strategy for reducing the total investment costs and maximizing the future benefits of the interventions.