Through its innovative approach combining disaster risk management and public financial management, in fiscal year 2022 (FY22), the Canada-Caribbean resilience facility (CRF) continued to respond to targeted countries’ needs to achieve a more effective, coordinated, holistic, and resilient disaster recovery.

Against the mix of challenges in the past year presented, the CRF provided a solution-driven and flexible approach to strengthen countries’ capacity to transition from crisis to sustainable recovery by implementing several initiatives and programs in support of countries’ immediate needs and their long-term development objectives.

This annual report highlights the progress and results achieved during FY22. It examines the key strategic achievements, lessons learned, and advancements in the thematic priority areas, and the way forward for the CRF. It also includes a financial overview of the program and projections for the FY23 workplan. The monitoring and evaluation (M and E) section presents the results of the FY22 program measured against the program targets as outlined in the CRF results framework.