This Executive Report highlights the progress and results achieved during FY18. It provides an overview of grant making activities in six regions and across GFDRR’s eight targeted areas of engagement, and explores some priority areas which GFDRR has identified as having potential to grow to scale.

The report also provides information on the Facility’s financial health. Over the past fiscal year, GFDRR strengthened its reporting, monitoring and evaluation (M&E) systems through the development of an updated Logical Framework and underpinning results indicators. These align with the FY18–21 strategy and provide the Facility with a better understanding of outcome-level progress and trends within the portfolio.

GFDRR is committed to further strengthening its M&E practice, ensuring that evidence and lessons from across the portfolio are available to inform management decisions. Results of the FY18 program, as measured against the results indicators, are available in the report’s annex.