The GFDRR 2024 Partnership Days event, which will be held at the UR2024 in Himeji, Japan, will bring together GFDRR members, observers, partners, and World Bank staff from all over the world. The event, through a dynamic exchange of ideas via presentations and discussions, will be an opportunity to demonstrate GFDRR’s commitment to navigate a world marked by challenges that make the already complex task of disaster and climate risk reduction even more difficult.  

With our extensive experience, technical knowledge, and collaboration with the finest development professionals on the ground every day across 160 countries, GFDRR can drive large-scale change and make a significant impact. Our deep real-time understanding of disaster risk management priorities enables us to match innovative solutions with disaster risk challenges, making us a unique partner to help drive impact at scale.

Amid the new normal of overlapping global challenges, the urgency of addressing the climate crisis, which makes the lives and livelihoods of the poorest and the most vulnerable even more precarious, has intensified. GFDRR’s commitment to a proactive approach to disaster risk management underscores the necessity of its multi-faceted work across several thematic areas — such as disaster risk financing and nature-based solutions — with an emphasis on impact and inclusion.  

GFDRR Partnership Days aim to showcase the tangible impact of its efforts in bolstering resilience against shocks. The event is designed to:

  • demonstrate GFDRR’s targeted approach in providing technical assistance and funding where it can achieve the greatest impact.
  • foster an exchange of lessons and insights among policymakers and practitioners about the challenges and opportunities in enhancing resilience and risk governance at all levels, from the community to the national level.
  • deepen the understanding of how to foster inclusive resilience in policies, planning, and practices in vulnerable countries including those affected by fragile, conflict and violence situations.
  • reinforce strategic alliances and partnerships to bolster local capacities in climate and disaster resilience.
  • illustrate the influence of GFDRR’s technical assistance on policy discussions related to resilience building.

Over the past 18 years, we’ve built transformative collaborations with governments, communities and private sectors, to tackle complex global challenges. This annual event shows how sharing knowledge and forming alliances are crucial in enhancing global and local resilience strategies. 

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