Submitted proposals will be ranked according the following criteria:


  • Identify a specific problem statement under GFDRR Pillar 1: Risk Identification
  • Geographical focus on developing countries with an emphasis on the Africa and Asia regions
  • Development of open access data, products, tools and approaches.
  • Meet World Bank eligibility requirements (see below)


  • Projects that present a clear strategy for bridging the gap between technology and users, including through co-productive techniques and user consultations
  • Encouraging training and capacity development of users.
  • Involvement of research or other partners in developing countries on an equal basis.
  • New partnerships to develop cross sectoral and collaborative teams (including members from the public, private, NGO and academic sectors)
  • Open source technological solutions that are simple and replicable are encouraged
  • Ability to leverage other projects and investment to deliver greater impact

Eligibility Requirements:

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