How We Work

GFDRR provides technical assistance, capacity building, and analytical work to help vulnerable nations improve resilience and reduce risk.

Through its in-country work, GFDRR awards grants for specific activities in line with its seven operating principles:

➔ Demand-driven approach to ensure maximum impact
➔ Leveraging development investments and policies
➔ Focusing on inclusive design and participation
Empowering women and mainstreaming gender
➔ Jointly addressing disaster and climate risk
➔ Developing knowledge and sharing best practices
➔ Prioritizing a results-oriented approach

GFDRR's grants are organized around eight areas of engagement, which represent our priorities in the coming years.

Promoting open access to risk information
Promoting resilient infrastructure
Scaling up the resilience of cities
Strengthening hydromet services and early-warning systems
Deepening financial protection
Building resilience at community level
Deepening engagements in resilience to climate change
Enabling resilient recovery

In FY16 alone, GFDRR financed activities in 80 countries, and demand for support from GFDRR continues to grow.

GFDRR uses monitoring, evaluation, and a focus on results to drive improved performance. Learn more about how we monitor and evaluate the GFDRR Portfolio.

The Secretariat carries out GFDRR’s mission, manages its day-to-day operations, and produces GFDRR’s core documents, such as Work Plans and Annual Reports.

The Secretariat is housed at the World Bank headquarters in Washington, DC, with satellite offices in Brussels and Tokyo.