2014 Annual Report

The GFDRR Annual Report 2014: Bringing Resilience to Scale highlights GFDRR’s grants, technical assistance, and knowledge sharing activities in fiscal year 2014 from the period July 2013 to June 2014. 





Investing in Resilience

Resilient development is smart development. Natural disasters are threatening development gains in most of the developing world. By investing in resilience, we can better manage climate and disaster risk to help end extreme poverty and boost shared prosperity. 





 Unlocking the Triple Dividends of Resilience

The risk of a disaster can cause economic losses even before they occur. This report showcases that investing in disaster resilience can yield a triple dividend by unlocking development potential due to reduced “background risk”, enjoying the co-benefits of investments to reduce risk even before a disaster does not happen for many years, and avoiding losses when disaster does strike.




Elders Leading the Way to Resilience

This report presents the experience of community members in Ofunato, Japan, where community elders were empowered to help the community recover. It assesses the experience of the Ibasho approach on post-disaster recovery and strengthening social capital.





 Building Social Resilience: Protecting and Empowering Those Most at Risk

This documents focus on the need to address the underlying causes of vulnerability to reduce the impacts of disasters on poor communities. The paper highlights practical ways of funneling disaster and climate risk financing directly to those most in need and approaches to empowering poor communities to drive their own risk management efforts based on their development goals.




 Community-Led Partnership for Resilience

This report documents a number of case studies where grassroots women’s organization are working in partnership with their local or national governments to effectively manage disaster and climate risk in poor communities. The report aims to demonstrate the value of facilitating community-led partnerships for strengthening disaster and climate resilience.





Disaster Recovery Framework (DRF) Guide

This update to the Disaster Recovery Frameworks (DRF) Guide provides guidance and recommendations to countries on how to better plan, design and implement effective post-disaster recovery and reconstruction programs.





Resilient Recovery: An Imperative for Sustainable Development

This report documents the challenges and progress around the world in integrating disaster risk reduction measures into post-disaster recovery and rehabilitation, and introduces a new way forward for achieving sustainable development gains through resilient recovery process.




Financial Protection Against Natural Disasters

This report takes stock of the global progress on financial protection against natural disasters over the last decade and brings together the latest thinking on disaster risk financing and insurance. It is designed to inform the drafting of the Global Assessment Report on Disaster Risk Reduction 2015 as well as deliberations for the successor to the Hyogo Framework for Action.




Understanding Risk in an Evolving World: Emerging Best Practices in Natural Disaster Risk Assessment

This document highlights efforts to create and communicate risk information through a series of case studies spanning 40 countries. The case studies provide lessons and best practice in risk assessment and serve as evidence for continued investment in risk identification.