GFDRR Gender Action Plan 2016-2021

GFDRR is bolstering its commitment to and capacity for integrating a gender sensitive approach into its climate and disaster risk management efforts.

GFDRR’s Gender Action Plan (GAP) is an overarching strategy that emerges from and is driven by the Inclusive Community Resilience (ICR) program but is applied across the GFDRR portfolio. The plan addresses two critical aspects of gender and Disaster Risk Management (DRM):

  • Understanding and addressing the different needs of men and women in DRM investments
  • Promoting women’s empowerment for broader resilience strengthening


GFDRR aims to ensure that DRM investments go beyond “gender screening” towards specific actions and outcomes that both address the gender dimensions of DRM and empower women for broader resilience strengthening.

GFDRR’s Gender Action Plan also leverages the momentum of the 2015-23 World Bank Group Gender Strategy and its extensive evidence base, by operationalizing it for GFDRR’s activities and the WBG’s DRM sector.

The new WBG Strategy builds on the evidence base and conceptual framework of the World Development Report 2012: Gender Equality and Development and was consulted with over 1,000 stakeholders in 22 countries. It aims to move the Bank’s development work beyond gender mainstreaming to outcomes and results. It also identifies climate change and disaster risk management as emerging areas that require additional attention and calls for bringing a gender lens to resilience and developing gender-smart solutions to climate change.