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Seoul, May 28-29, 2013 – Building on a successful workshop held in Jakarta in 2012, policy-makers from eight East Asian countries re-united from 28 to 29 May 2013 in Seoul at the Second Flood Risk Management and Urban Resilience Workshop.

The two-day workshop, organized by the World Bank, with support of the Republic of Korea through the National Emergency Management Agency and the Global Facility for Disaster Reduction and Recovery (GFDRR), is part of ongoing collaboration to strengthen cooperation, and facilitate international partnerships for disaster risk reduction and climate change adaptation.

Presenting case studies and project examples, the participations shared their experience in balancing structural and non-structural flood risk management measures, focusing on flood risk information collection and sharing, community-based risk management approaches, and developing effective early warning systems, to better prepare and manage existing and future flood risks facing fast-growing Asian cities. The policy-makers also visited the Control Center of the Korean National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA) and the national disaster risk reduction exposition to learn about innovative approached in flood control and disaster prevention.

Attended by over 70 policy-makers from China, Indonesia, Korea, Lao PDR, Mongolia, the Philippines, Vietnam, and Sri Lanka, international experts from the field of urban flood risk management and representatives from partner and donor organizations, the workshop facilitated regional knowledge transfer and fostered a multi-stakeholder community of practice on urban flood risk management.

The workshop presentations can be downloaded here in PDF format:

Session 1: Balancing Structural and Non-structural Measures in Flood Risk Management - An Overview

Session 2: Challenges for Making Flood Risk Data Widely Accessible to Stakeholders

Session 3: Reducing Flood Risk Losses and Enhancing Resilience - Innovative Approaches

Session 4: Reducing Flood Risk Losses and Enhancing Resilience” - Community-based Approaches

Session 5: Flood Risk Early Warning System, Monitoring, and Control System

Session 6: Implementing Change

Site Visit: Emergency Management

Content and photos courtesy of the World Bank East Asia and Pacifice Disaster Risk Management and GFDRR teams. For more information, please contact Christina Irene at