Credit: Aji Styawan / Getty Images Climate Visuals Grant recipient

The Digital Earth team at GFDRR is recruiting fellows from vulnerable countries to support World Bank disaster and climate risk data projects and contribute to the adoption of the new Risk Data Library Standard.

The fellowship program will offer a 6-month placement for climate and disaster risk professionals (data scientists, geospatial analysts, and similar) from selected climate-vulnerable countries to work with the Risk Data Library Standard to access, create and communicate climate risk knowledge with their communities.

The selected countries are: Bangladesh, Democratic Republic of the Congo, India, Indonesia, Philippines, and South Africa.

The fellows should be residents or nationals of the selected countries.

During this time, fellows will work part-time as World Bank Short-Term Consultants. Through a dedicated program, they will learn how to apply and use the Risk Data Library Standard tools and standards in support of World Bank projects and for the benefit of their institution and communities.

The expected outcomes are increased availability, dissemination, and use of climate risk knowledge in climate-vulnerable and fast-growing cities and countries. The activity will complement and leverage climate and disaster risk analysis undertaken in those countries by the World Bank under the new Climate Change Action Plan and through Disaster Risk Management operations.

Disaster and Climate Risk Data Fellows will be selected based on their data skills, climate and disaster risk skills, and willingness to support their communities. They will receive training and hands-on support throughout the project to become Risk Data Library Standard experts and contribute to improving climate risk analysis using the Risk Data Library.

The Disaster & Climate Risk Data Fellows is supported by a grant from the Swiss Re Foundation.

More information on the fellowship program and how to apply: Disaster & Climate Risk Data Fellows / Short Term Consultant (STC) / Terms of Reference