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Past Events

This event provided an overview of state-of-the-art knowledge on nature-based solutions for disaster risk reduction.

Development professionals from around Washington, DC joined us at World Bank HQ to learn about ways they can get involved in efforts to map for resilience globally.

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URf Pacific brought together more than 200 policymakers, financial risk managers, and development practitioners to share best practices and tools to improve disaster risk finance in the Pacific region and across Small Island States more broadly.

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Over 350 experts and practitioners from the resilience and disaster risk management community shared ideas, best practices, and lessons learned on identifying, communicating and assessing risk in the Balkans and beyond.

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UR Tanzania focused on the understanding of urban risk, showcasing new spatial tools and risk data developed in Tanzania that can empower stakeholders to identify and reduce their risk.


UR 2018 brought together a global community of 8,000 disaster risk management experts and practitioners to discuss the latest tools and innovative approaches for collecting, communicating and using risk information.

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Cities want to build resilience. Markets are looking for investment opportunities. How can we bring them together? We found out firsthand from major investors in this edition of the Resilience Dialogue.

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InterMET Asia 2018 brought together the global weather and climate industry with those in the public and private sectors seeking to mitigate and manage the risks of extreme weather and climate change.