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Upcoming Events

As part of the "Central Asia Resilient and Low Carbon Cities" study, the World Bank and the City Resilience Program will hold a series of workshops to deepen the understanding of the urban climate change challenges, enable close collaboration, input, and feedback from key national and sub-national stakeholders, and define possible actions for selected Central Asian cities. 

Over the course of three days, the City Resilience Program — in conjunction with South Africa's National Treasury Cities Support Programme, the South African Weather Service, and the National Disaster Management Centre — will hold a workshop to engage officials from South African metros to advance an understanding and preparedness for heatwaves in South African cities through a peer-learning approach.

Past Events

Over the course of three days, the City Resilience Program will hold a workshop to engage cities in Bosnia and Herzergovina to develop an understanding of capital project priorities that integrate resilient and green urban development into the delivery of strategic urban infrastructure. 

The theme of Understanding Risk Global Forum 2022 — “Riding the waves of risk” — focuses on climate and disaster resilience in a multi-hazard world. The deadline for proposals for technical sessions that will be part of the conference's main program has been extended to June 24, 2022. 

Increasing finance for NBS is critical for the successful implementation of the climate.
A discussion on what it will take to scale up disaster risk reduction to build resilience.
A 60 mins Zoom conversation with the Hunters teams.
Una oportunidad para aprender de los desastres de una forma creativa e inspiradora.