The project objective is
to enhance the State and National DRM & Hydromet Institutional Systems to
assure its capability in addressing natural hazard risks and develop preventive
policies, including factoring in issues of last mile connectivity, information
transmission and impact interpretation, as increasing resilience to natural disasters requires investments in DRM and Hydromet Services through better institutions, policies, and processes. The project will focus on assessing the
institutional capacity in National/State DRM agency, as well as institutions
responsible for Hydro-meteorology and identify specific activities to be
developed at country and regional levels. The targeted countries are Afghanistan, Bangladesh, India, Nepal, Pakistan,
and Sri Lanka. SAARC and other regional institutions will be targeted as well,
in an effort to identify regional actions.

Sendai Priorities

Priority 1Understanding disaster risk
Priority 2Strengthening disaster risk governance to manage disaster risk
Priority 3Investing in disaster risk reduction for resilience
Priority 4Enhancing disaster preparedness for effective response and to “Build Back Better” in recovery, rehabilitation and reconstruction