The grant objective is to build the
capacity of the city of Kinshasa in using Earth Observation (EO) data and
services for enhanced disaster risk management and urban resilience outcomes. The grant activity
will achieve this objective by directly supporting the implementation of Kinshasa
Multisector Development and Urban Resilience Project (P171141), referred as the
Kin Elenda Project, which focuses on adaptation strategies including flood and
erosion risk mitigation measures, and building capacities of local institutions
and the young population in working with EO data and services.

The grant will work with and support
the same stakeholders of the Kin Elenda project including
the Kinshasa Urban Development Unit (CDUK), the Kinshasa Provincial Agency for
Digital Development (APDNK), the Higher Institute of Architecture and City
Planning (ISAU) as well as the upcoming Urban Observatory of the CDUK.

Sendai Priorities

Priority 1Understanding disaster risk
Priority 2Strengthening disaster risk governance to manage disaster risk
Priority 3Investing in disaster risk reduction for resilience
Priority 4Enhancing disaster preparedness for effective response and to “Build Back Better” in recovery, rehabilitation and reconstruction