objective of the grant is to enhance the capacity of the Government of
Timor-Leste (GoTL) to undertake disaster risk analysis to optimize the
government’s disaster and climate risk regulatory framework and to
strengthen the country’s Social Protection (SP) framework for disaster
preparedness and response. The grant will (i) undertake a review of relevant disaster risk
management and social protection regulatory, policy and institutional
frameworks, and their intersections with social protection schemes, policies, and
vice versa; (ii) analyze national-level risk mapping with
poverty maps and socioeconomic information (prepared under a separate GFDRR
grant) to make recommendations for the social protection needs of vulnerable
populations in high-risk areas; (iii) assess and recommend a framework and potential
financing mechanisms or instruments for disaster responsive social protection policy
in Timor-Leste; and (iv) assist Government to develop a better
understanding of social vulnerabilities related to climate and disaster risk
and social protection measures appropriate for Timor-Leste’s risk profile.

Sendai Priorities

Priority 1Understanding disaster risk
Priority 2Strengthening disaster risk governance to manage disaster risk
Priority 3Investing in disaster risk reduction for resilience
Priority 4Enhancing disaster preparedness for effective response and to “Build Back Better” in recovery, rehabilitation and reconstruction