In an effort to further explore the disaster risk management community’s perspective on priorities for producing better disaster risk information for developing countries, GFDRR and DFID launched the Solving the Puzzle: Innovating to Reduce Risk.

The report revealed that in many developing countries, there simply isn’t enough available data related to risk - limiting the development of risk-reducing policies. In August 2016, the Second Round of the Challenge Fund was launched, focusing on key challenges identified in the Solving the Puzzle report, namely to develop a framework that facilitates a multi-hazard view of risk.

With Tanzania as the pilot country, the winning teams are tasked with developing:

  1. Data schema and data for multi-hazard database – British Geological Survey (Final Report)
  2. Data schema and data for global exposure database – Global Earthquake Model Foundation (Final Report)
  3. Data schema and data for a global database of vulnerability functions – University College London Consultants (Final Report)