Challenge 1
Develop a Data Schema and Data
for a Multi-hazard Database
Challenge 2
Develop a Data Schema and Data
for a Global Exposure Database

Challenge 3
Develop a Data Schema for a
Global Database of Vulnerability Functions

The British Geological Survey The Global Earthquake Model  University College London 


The Challenge Fund program seeks to bridge the gap between technology and on-the-ground user needs in the field of disaster risk identification. Through targeted investments in innovation, the Challenge Fund is better enabling communities to build resilience to climate change and natural disasters in more than 20 countries around the globe by moving from data to insight to behavior change.

The Second Round of the Challenge Fund focuses on three pilot projects that address the recommendations made in the recent GFDRR report Solving the Puzzle: Innovating to Reduce Risk - namely, to expand the effort to decrease disaster risk management costs and increase resilience by developing a framework that facilitates a multi-hazard view of risk. This effort will develop the first set of open and internally consistent data on multiple hazards, exposure, and vulnerability. The three consortia representing leaders in risk assessment will collaborate to develop the data framework. The initial focus will be on developing detailed data for Tanzania with other efforts in countries such as Bangladesh, Kyrgyzstan, and Nepal. This round is seeking to develop the first-ever openly available multi-hazard risk data in data poor regions. The framework developed through the second round may form the foundation for future multi-hazard impact and risk assessments.