Active Grants: 0

GDP (current US$): 17.41 billion (2017)

Population: 2.29 million (2017)

Major Partners

INFORM Risk Rating: 3.0

Risk data from INFORM, a global open-source risk assessment for humanitarian crises and disasters, uses a scale from 0-10, with 10 as the highest level of risk.

Primary Hazards

For additional information on the natural hazard risk profile, visit ThinkHazard.


GFDRR supports activities to strengthen disaster and climate resilience in this country. Additional information forthcoming.

Grants Awarded by GFDRR 2007 - Present

World Bank Engagements 2012 – Present

Project Description
Emergency Water Security and Efficiency Project
$145.5 million | Start date: 03/2017 (Ongoing)

The development objective of the Emergency Water Security and Efficiency Project for Botswana is to improve availability of water supply in drought vulnerable areas, increase the efficiency of water utilities corporation (WUC), and strengthen wastewater management in selected systems.