ACP-EU NDRR Program Activity Report 2018-2019

The ACP-EU NDRR Program Activity Report highlights the results achieved during Fiscal Year 19 (1 July 2018 to 30 June 2019).

During this period, 22 new projects were approved, bringing the total number of disaster resilience initiatives it supports to 123, benefitting over 70 countries across Africa, the Caribbean, and the Pacific. Governments across all three regions have requested increased support for activities pertaining to strengthening climate and disaster resilient cities, infrastructure, institutions that integrate disaster risk management, and greater open access to risk information. This is in addition to the Program’s continued disaster response assistance, which ranges from providing post-disaster assessments to longer-term recovery activities.

The Program was able to leverage over $1.2 billion from the World Bank and other development partners in FY19 alone, bringing to $3.2 billion the total amount leveraged since the Program’s inception. 

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