GFDRR supports activities to strengthen disaster and climate resilience in this country. Additional information forthcoming.

World Bank Engagements 2012 – Present

Project Description
Second Tanzania Water Sector Support Project
$225 million | Start date: 01/2017 (Ongoing)

The Project Development Objectives are to: (a) strengthen the capacity for integrated water resources planning and management in United Republic of Tanzania, and (b) improve access to water supply and sanitation services in an operationally efficient manner in Dar es Salaam.

Education Program for Results Additional Financing (EPforR AF)
$80 million | Start date: 05/2017 (Ongoing)

The Project Development Objective is to improve education quality in Tanzanian primary and secondary schools.

Dar es Salaam Maritime Gateway Project
$345 million | Start date: 06/2017 (Ongoing)

The Project Development Objective is to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of the Port of Dar es Salaam for the benefit of public and private stakeholders.