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Upcoming Events

09:00-12.30 | Location: Room 403 

Speakers: Sadi Samadzod, Director, State Unitary Enterprise “Smart City” under Dushanbe administration (Tajikistan); Zhanar Gabdullina, Deputy Chairman, “Almaty Development Centre” JSC (Kazakhstan); Ricardo Ochoa Sosa (CAPSUS S.C.) Charles Antoyne Mari Catherine Hurstel, City Resilience Program; Rui Su, City Resilience Program   

Moderators: Chyi-Yun Huang, Senior DRM Specialist, World Bank; Ross Eisenberg, Disaster Risk Management Specialist, City Resilience Program   

11:30-12.30 | Location: Room 401+402+403 

Speakers: James Myazoe, Republic of the Marshall Islands; Ahmed Aiman Shareef, Republic of Maldives; Naomichi Murooka, Japan International Cooperation Agency; Jessica Schmidt, World Bank; Rui Su, City Resilience Program  

Moderator: Jian Vun, World Bank 

17:30-18:30‎ | Location: Medium Hall  

Speakers: Daniel Sullivan, Director, Risk and Resilience, City of Cape town; Dileep Mavalankar, Director IIPHG/Disaster Risk Management Consultant, Indian Institute of Public Health/World Bank; Ross Eisenberg, Disaster Risk Management Specialist, City Resilience Program; Nuala Cowan, Disaster Risk Management Specialist, Digital Earth Partnership, GFDRR 

2:30 p.m.-3:15 p.m.‎  | Plenary 

Participants: Hideyasu Kiyomoto, Mayor, Himeji City, Japan; Luisa Salgueiro, Mayor, Matosinhos City, Portugal; Hadianto Rasyid, Mayor, Palu City, Indonesia 

Chair: Guangzhe Chen, Vice President for Infrastructure, World Bank  

Moderator: Ming Zhang, Urban Global Lead and Practice Manager, GPURL, World Bank 

11:30-12:30‎‎ | Location: Small Hall 

Speakers: Teresito Bacolcol, Director, Department of Science and Technology, Philippine Institute of Volcanology and Seismology; Masato Akashi, Chief Consultant, Pacific Consultants Co., Ltd.; Ross Eisenberg, Disaster Risk Management Specialist, City Resilience Program; Ignacio Urrutia, Senior Disaster Risk Management Specialist, World Bank 

09:30-10:30‎ | Location: Room 401+402+403  

Speakers: Seyi Makinde, Governor, Oyo State, Nigeria; Ross Eisenberg, Disaster Risk Management Specialist, City Resilience Program; Philip Ward, Senior Climate Adaptation and DRM Specialist, Professor of Global Water Risk Dynamics; Blair Splendelow, Technical Director, JBA Consulting; Karel Keijnert, Senior Water Management Consultant, Royal Haskoning, DHV  

Past Events

As part of the "Central Asia Resilient and Low Carbon Cities" study, the World Bank and the City Resilience Program held a series of workshops to deepen the understanding of the urban climate change challenges, enable close collaboration, input, and feedback from key national and sub-national stakeholders, and define possible actions for selected Central Asian cities. 

From March 6 to 9, 2023, GFDRR's City Resilience Program held a workshop with five cities in Bosnia and Herzegovina to identify and prioritize capital investment projects which integrate resilient and green urban development into the delivery of strategic urban infrastructure. Local and international experts, representatives of municipal and city authorities, and officials working on a range of disciplines gathered in Sarajevo to discuss pathways to resilient and green development.

A discussion on what it will take to scale up disaster risk reduction to build resilience.
[Event] Scaling Up Action on Disaster Risk Reduction: A Critical Step for Climate Change Adaptation and Building Resilience

The ninth Cities on the Frontline session of 2022, jointly organized by Resilient Cities Network and the City Resilience Program, will focus on Cities Planning and Adapting to Climate Change Through the implementation of Resilience Road Maps and will allow city stakeholders to hear directly from officials that have participated in the process, understand the specific challenges their cities face, and see what steps they are taking to adapt. Register here and access previous sessions here

Roadmap to Resilience