Samoa: Enhancing capacity for strengthening the implementation of building codes and for improving multi-hazard systems, in preparation for a Cat-DDO

Context and Objectives

Samoa is the first Pacific Island country to prepare a Disaster Risk Management Development Policy Operation with Catastrophe-Deferred Drawdown Option (Cat-DDO). A Cat-DDO is a World-Bank contingent credit line that provides immediate liquidity to countries in the aftermath of a natural disaster.

The ACP-EU NDRR Program supports the Government of Samoa to strengthen its institutional policy framework for disaster and climate-related risk management, and to meet the requirements for accessing a Cat-DDO.

Main Activities

Component 1: Supporting the development of practical solutions, guidelines and awareness of the revised building codes. The Ministry of Works, Transport and Infrastructure (MWTI) led in 2017 a revision and update of the national building code, with the aim to decrease the risks cyclones and floods pose to buildings. The activities under this component will:

  • Support the Government of Samoa to apply its revised national building codes and standards;
  • Enhance the capacity of MWTI staff to assess building applications and to check their compliance with the revised standards and codes;
  • Provide support to the Government of Samoa in reaching out to the building industry on the content and implementation.

Component 2: Supporting the development of a strategy to improve the effectiveness of a multi-hazard early warning system. The activities under this component will:

  • Support the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment draft a policy and strategy to integrate hazard-information that is currently available (such as meteorological, hydrological, and seismic information);
  • Assess the adequacy of the standard operating procedures of the existing early warning system, and propose possible changes.


  • Guidelines were developed in consultation with civil society, which contributed to the policy change to enable households and contractors apply Samoa’s National Building Code.
  • Training material is being produced.
  • Consultations took place with a range of small and medium sized enterprises, civil society, and the Institute of Engineers. 

Partnerships and Coordination

The project will be implemented in close collaboration with the Government of Samoa, in particular the MWTI and Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment.

  • Pacific
Window of Action
  • Window 2
Amount approved
  • $200,000
  • 07/2018 - 07/2020