Saint Lucia: Measurable Reduction of Disaster Risk Specific to Public Infrastructure

Context and Objectives
The "Vision 2030: Measurable Reduction of Disaster Risk Specific to Public Infrastructure-project" was launched in February 2016, and is implemented by the World Bank together with Saint Lucia's Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Infrastructure.

The principal objectives of the Technical Assistance (TA) are to:

  • Support the Government of Saint Lucia (GoSL) to better understand disaster risk affecting its public infrastructure;

  • Enable the government to use this information for the development of a comprehensive risk reduction strategy; and

  • Facilitate the monitoring of risk levels over time.

Main Activities
The TA consists of three components:  

  • Conducting risk assessments: the TA supports the GoSL to develop and employ tailored tools for landslide, seismic and flood hazard risks. The assessments of different types of risks will be brought together in a multi-hazard risk assessment, which in turn will be converted into a software tool.

  • Supporting building the Geographic Information Systems capacity, which is necessary to proactively manage transportation networks. This includes tackling challenges such as the digitization and cleaning of existing asset information and the integration of newly acquired data. 

  • Supporting the Government of Saint Lucia to adopt a risk-based asset management approach in the transportation sector, wherein hazard data will drive maintenance and hazard decisions.


The following results have been achieved to date:

  • landslide risk assessment component tools have been developed
  • a workshop on landslide risk assessments was delivered to key national geotechnical engineers
  • a comprehensive earthquake risk analysis was finalized
  • a review of risk and hydrology data and drainage infrastructure was completed
  • a multi-hazard framework was developed

Currently, a system is under development that will enable maintaining an inventory of infrastructure assets, in order to proactively manage the transportation networks based on hazard data.

Partnerships and Coordination
The World Bank team has established strong working arrangements with three key sector ministries – the Ministry of Finance and Economic Affairs, Ministry of Infrastructure, Port Services and Transport, and the Ministry of Physical Development, Housing and Urban Renewal – as well as the National Disaster Management Organisation.

  • Caribbean
Priority area
  • Mainstreaming of disaster risk reduction (DRR)
Window of Action
  • Window 2
Amount approved
  • $1,300,000
  • $1,500,000
  • 02/2016 - 01/2019