Republic of Marshall Islands and Federal States of Micronesia: Community Vulnerability Mapping

Context and objectives

The north Pacific sub-region is subject to extreme natural events such as typhoons, tropical storms, flooding or drought. The International Organization for Migration (IOM) finalized activities of an ACP-EU NDRR project in Micronesia and the Republic of Marshall Islands. The project aimed to enhance the resilience of communities to disaster risk and to climate change. The scope of project activities included risk mapping and planning of community investments to facilitate increased community resilience to meet adversities posed by climate change.

Main activities and results

Technical data collection and relevant consultations with local authorities and civil society organizations in both countries facilitated the design of an effective regional and national early warning system as well as an evaluation of public buildings, such as schools and infrastructure. Over the course of the project, capacity building sessions on early warning systems and community-based DRM trained nearly 550 people, including over 270 women. Lessons learned from the project highlight that communities are clearly recognizing the importance of communicating during the early signs of a disaster event, and that there is a need for strong systems to alert the entire community and far-to-reach populations.

In the Republic of Marshall Islands, hazard community vulnerability mapping exercises were undertaken in 18 targeted communities. The outcomes have been captured in a report which can be used by the communities to help implement local DRM Plans. In addition, a survey was also conducted in 82 communities which informed the national discourse and government plans for capacity building for community early warning systems. These activities have helped ensure community participatory methods to better prepare for disasters and take action during disaster events, while also supporting the production of community maps that can be updated and used during emergencies.

Partnerships and Coordination

The project was implemented by the International Organization for Migration and supervised by the World Bank. Coordination was ensured with Host Governments, international regional partners, local civil society, and other Disaster Risk Management stakeholders.

  • Pacific
Window of Action
  • Window 1
Amount approved
  • $720,000
  • 02/2017 - 07/2020