Togo: Results in Resilience - Enhancing Disaster Preparedness

The impact of climate change is already felt in Togo, with recurrent floods and droughts hindering development gains and causing hardship for the population. To manage the risks of flooding and land degradation, the Togolese Ministry of Environment and Forestry launched in 2013 the Integrated Disaster and Land Management (IDLM) project. 
This $16.94 million project was funded with $7.3 million by GFDRR, which includes a $3 million grant from the ACP-EU Natural Disaster Risk Reduction Program.  The IDLM project focused on strengthening institutional capacity and awareness on the risk of flooding and land degradation, on community-based activities for adaptation and sustainable land management, and on developing early warning and monitoring systems.
The successful results achieved are presented in the Results of Resilience story. Amongst others, that the emergency equipment warehouse in Tsevié was updated and currently serves as a regional hub enabling countries to improve disaster preparedness. In addition, that over 115,000 citizens were informed about risk reduction, 87 km of drainage systems were improved, and countries in the region received hydrological and meteorological data collection equipment.  

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