Sudan Emergency Preparedness and Response Report – 2021

In 2020, Sudan experienced a series of devastating floods along the Nile River that caused the displacement of over 875,000 people, and economic damages totaling over $4 billion. A Rapid Post Disaster Needs and Recovery Assessment conducted in the aftermath of the flooding – and funded by the ACP-EU NDRR Program - analyzed the extent of the damages across different sectors and designed a roadmap for recovery comprised of priority recovery needs and suggested interventions.

As part of the follow-up activities conducted after this assessment, a Diagnostic Report on Emergency Preparedness and Response Capacities in Sudan was carried out under the Sudan Floods Damage Assessment and Recovery Support grant of the ACP-EU NDRR Program. This diagnostic report aims to provide a comprehensive understanding of the capacity gaps Sudanese institutions need to overcome to improve their disaster response management, covering topics such as legal and institutional frameworks, information networks, equipment, and personnel.

One of the activities carried out during the elaboration of this diagnostic was a three-day interactive workshop held in Khartoum on August 16-18, 2021, that was attended by 60 participants representing 28 different government and non-government entities in Sudan. This workshop was an opportunity for participants to review Emergency Preparedness and Response practices and adapt them to the Sudanese context.

Download the Diagnostic Report on Emergency Preparedness and Response Capacities in Sudan here.